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Session Examples

2018 Sessions Include..
Biomechanics: Design a Hand
Learn how to make a prosthetic hand with simple materials. Then draw on the animal world for inspiration to engineer the hand you build to perform in a certain way or do a specific job. 

Songwriting & Music Production
Explore songwriting and the world of music production with vocalist/guitarist Adam Levy, perhaps best known for his 20+ years of work as lead singer-songwriter for The Honeydogs.

Paleontology Excavation
Learn about the tools that paleontologists use, then use them yourself on an excavation. Identify what you’ve discovered, create a catalog card, then take your "fossil" home.

Political Cartooning
What makes a cartoon "political"? Learn the basics of caricature and then use those skills to draw current political figures.

The Art of Mime
Learn the basics of creating visual mime illusions, create characters, and act out wacky stories.

Experimenting with Our Brains
Conduct an experiment on your brain by learning and unlearning a task. Collect and interpret data that demonstrates how the brains learns to adapt to an altered situation.

Juggling 101: Balance and Trick Creation
Come explore the world of juggling through a fundamental principle: Balance! Participants will use a peacock feather to explore the method of balancing an object on the hand, foot, and face. Then, we will dive into trick creation and use our ingenuity to demonstrate trick variations never before seen by the human eyeball!

Heart Health!
November 14
Learn how your heart functions by creating a DIY heart pump system. Work in teams to solve the mystery of the lock box by using clues about the circulatory system. Problem solve your way to a healthy heart.

At CreativeCon, students learn...

Creativity is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened.

Creativity is necessary for higher education and all careers.

Creativity is an essential part of problem solving.

Students dancing