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Impact Report

On January 19, 2019, 48 teams of 6th-8th graders competed at the regional Minnesota Future City Competition at Dakota County Technical College.

93% of students said through Future City they learned how engineering can be used to solve real problems in the world.

97% of students said they learned how cities work.

96% of students said they learned the importance of project planning.

61% of students said they would consider engineering as a career.

84% of students would recommend the Future City Competition to a friend.

We asked teachers about the exciting learning moments they saw.

We asked our volunteers (professionals in the engineering fields), how students demonstrated a knowledge of the engineering design process and project management.

We asked students what they learned about engineering and how cities run while participating in the Future City Competition.

Want a printable copy of the impact report to share with your school or administration? We can help you with that.

At the Future City Competition, students learn...

How to use engineering to solve real-world problems.

The skills needed for effective teamwork.

The importance of strong writing, public speaking, and creativity.