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Volunteer at the Future City Competition!

Engineers, city planners, and other professionals with technical backgrounds: you are invited to volunteer as a mentor or judge for the Minnesota Future City Competition (FCC)

Please contact Colleen Feller at 612-638-1511 to sign up as a mentor or judge.



Future City mentors volunteer at a middle school once per week from September to January. Mentors provide advice, guidance, and technical assistance as the students work on the various project components. In the early weeks, you’ll meet with the team to get to know the students and focus them on the big picture: good urban design, an overview of the essay topic, and brainstorming possible solutions. Later, you’ll help with the model, teaching the students about scale, and working on the presentation. Making yourself available by email to review things like the essay and ideas of futuristic components is helpful too. A teacher is also present when you meet with students.

Judging Opportunities (rubrics and score sheets are provided)

At the Future City Competition, students learn...

How to use engineering to solve real-world problems.

The skills needed for effective teamwork.

The importance of strong writing, public speaking, and creativity.