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Recruit Teams

If you build it, they will come. Find a core group and build around a few die-hards.

Pick captains which add responsibility and prestige to your leaders. Give them some ownership—get their ideas—make it their competition.

Talk to teachers and GT coordinators involved in identifying prospective students/team members. Have a little in-school tournament.

Have students bring a friend; have food/drinks; respect students’ need for social interaction.

Note the perks: college applications, travel, overnights to greater Minnesota invitationals and State, eating out together, lasting friendships and relationships.

Visit classrooms, using the KB equipment in a practice setting.

Point out KB offers students a chance to excel; to be with kids that like to learn; gives students a rare opportunity to work cooperatively of a varsity letter-winning team.

Involve administration, school, and community—announcements, presentation of hardware at school assembly.

Work to change the culture of your school. Try to get Knowledge Bowl on the school's competition radar.

Advertise on school website, create a team website, Instagram, or twitter (and follow @kb_betsy on twitter).

Use something to update players and parents— like a group chat or LISTSERV.

Take pictures at practices and meets; post them on social media or a visible space in your building or classroom.

Maintain a predictable and reliable practice schedule.

Work with speech, choir, athletics to arrive to a workable practice time.

Edited from Sue DeNiro, Former State Knowledge Bowl coordinator; Chris Lenius, former coach; and Jamie Jurkovich, coach

At a Knowledge Bowl meet...

Students apply strategic thinking and deductive reasoning.

Students are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills: confidence, sportspersonship, and leadership.

Students communicate effectively, and must work together in order to be successful.