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Middle Grades Knowledge Bowl
2017-18 Meet Results

The following links open as pdfs.

Kick-Off Meet
Kick-Off Meet at Lake Harriet Upper School on 11/9/17
Kick-Off Meet at Westwood MS on 11/14/17

Season Meet #1
Season Meet 1 at St. Anthony MS on 12/5/17
Season Meet 1 at Pioneer Ridge MS on 12/7/17
Season Meet 1 at Anoka MS for the Arts on 12/12/17

Season Meet #2
Season Meet 2 at South View MS on 1/11/18
Season Meet 2 at Centennial MS on 1/16/18
Season Meet 2 at John Glenn MS on 1/18/18

Final Meet / Grand Finale
Season Meet 3/Grand Finale at Northdale MS on 2/13/18
Season Meet 3/Grand Finale at South St. Paul Secondary on 2/15/18

Statewide Meet
State Meet/I Love the 90's Bowl at St. Francis MS on 1/27/18


At a Knowledge Bowl meet...

Students apply strategic thinking and deductive reasoning.

Students are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills: confidence, sportspersonship, and leadership.

Students communicate effectively, and must work together in order to be successful.