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About Success Beyond the Classroom

Our vision is to expand curiosity, confidence, and creativity in students.

Our mission is to create powerful learning experiences that challenge students to explore interests, discover new perspectives, connect with professionals in the community, and visualize their success beyond the classroom.

Success Beyond the Classroom was incorporated as a 501c3 in 1999, EIN 41-1948020, and presents its programs in collaboration with Metro ECSU.

Metro ECSU supports school districts and other education-based nonprofits in the Twin Cities area with a variety of services.

Metro ECSU member districts can participate in its high quality programs, including SBC programs, at special member rates. For more information, please visit www.metroecsu.org

 SBC 2018-19 Community Connections



Community Volunteers


Grades 5-8 Est. 1995

Formerly Science Museum of Minnesota; After 2018: University of Minnesota


483 students
22 schools
7 districts

Creativity Festival Grades 3-5 Est. 1995

University of Minnesota


1,412 students
63 schools
10 districts

Future City Competition
Grades 6-8
Est. 2000

Dakota County Technical College

200+ engineers and other professionals with technical backgrounds

994 students
61 teams
33 schools

Middle Grades Knowledge Bowl
Grades 6-8
Est. 2006

Metro area middle schools; Minnesota Service Cooperatives


692 students 128 teams
36 schools
17 districts, and a Statewide meet with 36 teams from 15 schools

Senior High Knowledge Bowl
Grades 9-12
Est. 1979

Metro area high schools; Minnesota Service Cooperatives


582 students 130 teams
35 schools
20 districts

Grades 5-6
Est. 2014

MNSCU, Normandale Community College, Century College, Dunwoody College of Technology, and Science Museum of Minnesota

College faculty and staff and 158 community and industry volunteers

1,749 students
50 schools
18 districts

Young Authors Conference
Grades 4-8
Est. 1990

Bethel University,
Red Balloon Bookshop


4,092 students
152 schools
31 districts



Expand curiosity,

confidence, and

creativity in students.




Presenter selfie with hundreds of kids in the background