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Knowledge Bowl Creativity Festival CreativeCon Future City Competition Stem Link Young Authors Conference

Session Examples

2019 Sessions Included..
Making Manga
What is Manga? Learn the basics of comics and cartooning to create your own story.

Working with lead singer-songwriter for The Honeydogs, Adam Levy, to explore songwriting. You’ll leave with the start or complete songs of your own creation.

Juggling, Mime, & Clowning
Combine juggling, clowning, and miming to make three of the most fun skills you could ever learn.

Orienteering is the high-performance sport that involves navigating on highly detailed maps. Learn to find your way through decision making, problem solving, and trusting your own knowledge with orienteering.

Bridge Up!
Build a 6-foot long truss bridge. Then, test it, crawl through it, and demolish it! Learn about different forces engineers must design for, and how they play out in a real bridge that carries traffic.

Traffic Engineering-Intersections & Interchanges
Become a traffic engineer! Using rope, paperclips, and other materials, design solutions beginning with basic road intersections and finishing with complex highway interchanges.

Oil Spills
Become an environmental engineer and test different methods for effectively cleaning up the spill and determine the harmful effects that oil spills and their clean-up have on animals and the environment.

At the Creativity Festival, students learn...

Creativity is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened.

Creativity is necessary for higher education and all careers.

Creativity is an essential part of problem solving.

students building a simple water filtration system