What we do at SBC:

Expand curiosity, confidence, and creativity in students.

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Words Have Power. That was the theme of last year's Virtual Young Authors Conference, but the truth of those words has never been more true. Some of our extraordinary presenters reflect on how powerful your words are. Get ready. This inspiring video will give you the chills.

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SBC creates powerful learning experiences that challenge students to explore interests, discover new perspectives, connect with professionals in the community, and visualize their success beyond the classroom.

Success Beyond the Classroom’s (SBC) history includes 30+ years of working with schools to provide relevant, highly valued enrichment programs to students across the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

Whether the focus is on writing, engineering, exploring STEM careers, participating in academic competition, or creative thinking and problem solving, students at SBC events engage in hands-on activities with people they would otherwise unlikely meet. Each of SBC’s programs make it possible for students to “shine” as they discover what their future could hold. 

“A great opportunity for students to gain confidence, independence, and apply creative skills.”

— Creativity Festival Teacher
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Success Beyond the Classroom

SBC presents its programs in collaboration with Metro ECSU. Metro ECSU member districts can participate in SBC programs at special member rates. For more information, visit www.metroecsu.org.

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