Before the COVID-19 pandemic, CreativeCon was a one-day field trip to the U of MN Ted Mall Concert Hall for students in grades 5-8. Students attended three interactive sessions led by professionals in the community and practice creative thinking and problem solving.

This year (2020-2021), CreativeCon and Creativity Festival have merged together online to become The Creatives. This virtual program focuses on visual and performing arts experiences. Local artists will lead students through interactive online sessions. The Creatives are here to develop confidence, encourage self-expression, and promote problem solving. Session content is recommended for students in grades 3-8, depending on their experience level with the art form.

Each month from October through May, the Virtual Creatives Subscription will provide:

– Two recorded sessions with activities;
– One live session with activity that will be recorded to watch later;
– A blog where professionals in the arts will share what creativity means to them and how they use it in their everyday lives; and
– An online gallery for students to share their experiences and projects that they created while participating in the sessions.

To learn more about the Virtual Creatives Subscription, including cost, session topics, and registration information, click below.

With CreativeCon, students learn…

Creativity is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened.

Creativity is necessary for higher education and all careers.

Creativity is an essential part of problem solving.

2019-2020 Session Examples

Amazing AD-ventures: In this fast-paced and lively session, students will work in teams to strategize and brainstorm creative concepts for a variety of “clients”. Then, in lightning rounds, teams will pitch their ideas and justify their creative approach.
Cuttlebone Casting: Student artists will cast molten metal in a one-of-a-kind cuttlebone mold. Be prepared to learn the process of designing, casting, and basic finishing while working on a small-scale sculpture or wearable art piece cast in lead-free pewter.
H³ – Hoops, Health, and Healing: H³- Hoops, Health, and Healing was originated by Lumhe Sampson as a means to maintain and hone a healthy physical lifestyle that very well incorporated indigenous knowledge and practices. With variances for each movement, it is a suitable workout for all body types and capabilities.
Minecraft Hour of Code: In this session, you will make your own Minecraft game using the power of block coding to make sheep spawn, chickens lay eggs, and creepers explode. We’ll learn the basics of programming such as run statements, loops, decisions, and digital learning skills.
Songwriting and Beat Box Collaboration: Come ready to make music with your bodies and mouths. Participate in a group songwriting exercise as you create lyrics, practice memorization through repetition, and incorporate the basics of beat boxing/vocal percussion to craft a collaborative piece with a rhythmic backdrop for the lyrics.


For more information about how your students can participate or if you are interested in presenting, contact Katie Wenzel at 612-638-1554.

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