Senior High Knowledge Bowl

Senior High Knowledge Bowl is going virtual in the 2020-2021 school year! We have a new format for a virtual playing field and your players can compete with schools from across Minnesota.

We also have a new question company for Minnesota Knowledge Bowl, Question Authorities.


The following links will open as PDFs or PNGs after the meets are completed.

Regular Season Meets

Meet 1.1 – December 8th

Meet 1.2 – December 10th

Meet 1.3 – December 15th

Meet 2.1 – January 12th

Meet 2.2 – January 14th

Meet 2.3 – January 19th

Meet 3.1 – February 2nd

Meet 3.2 – February 4th

Meet 3.3 – February 9th

Sub Regionals Meet

Meet 4 – February 18th

Regionals Meet

Meet 5 – March 2nd

Statewide Meet

Meet 6 – April 9th

Inaugural National Meet

Nationals – May 1st


Practice Questions

Login to access the Senior High practice questions here.

Please note, these practice questions are Academic Hallmark questions.


Contact Madi Grove at 612-638-1514 about Knowledge Bowl for grades 9th – 12th.

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