At STEMLink, students in grades 5-6 explore STEM careers in labs and classrooms at local college campuses. Students attend a keynote and three breakout sessions led by STEM faculty and professionals. Learn how studying science, technology, engineering, and math can lead to exciting careers!

STEMLink is made possible by a partnership with Normandale Community College.

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May 12

Metro ECSU Member: Early Bird $30/student
Non-Member: Early Bird $45/student

8:45am – 1:35pm
Normandale Community College

Experience how studying science and math can lead to exciting careers.

Participate in real-world examples of working in the STEM fields.

Leave looking for ways to be more involved in STEM.

Past Session Examples:

Coding Industrial Computers Are Easier Than You Think!: An industrial computer is responsible for most of the automation we see in industrial settings and in our daily life–traffic light signals, sprinkler systems, holiday lights, and many more. This session describes and teaches how to code or an industrial computer (also known as a PLC, a programmable logic controller).
Genes to Proteins: This session offers a hands-on simulation of how DNA creates proteins. Students are provided with DNA gene sequences which they must first transcribe into mRNA and then translate into a protein to build a new species, called the Scimon. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the effects of three types of mutations (insertion, deletion, and substitution) on their Scimon model.
Intro to Engineering-Airplane Design: Students will explore the basic steps of engineering by constructing and flying paper airplanes. Teams will step through a product development process to identify multiple airplane designs, building and testing each before selecting the winning design.
Lean With Legos: How can you create a quality product in the shortest amount of time? Work in teams to develop the most efficient process for building a LEGO airplane to meet production goals. Total counts of quality and number of planes creates a winner!
Storm Water Pollution and Watershed Management: In this activity, students explore how various pollutants get into our waters through a hands-on, interactive demonstration of the sources and effects of water pollution. Students will learn ways to prevent pollution from reaching our waters and how prevention is a shared responsibility.


For more information about how your students can participate or if you are interested in presenting, contact Madi Grove at 612-638-1514.

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