Virtual STEMLink – December


Activity Sessions

Q&A Live Sessions

Q&A #5
December 9 at 10am

Is there a man-made pond near your home or school? Why is it there? Learn about how water resource engineers, like Tim Olson, build structures to control water resources, to help protect the environment, and to maintain the quality of water we use every day.

Q&A #6
December 14 at 1pm

Learn about the bridge design process with Sarah Tester, from preliminary plans to the final completed structure. Learn how bridge design has to work with connecting roadways and nearby waterways.

A Day in the Life Career Blog

This blog will feature STEM professionals sharing what they love about their work, demonstrating tools of their trade, and providing a glimpse of their workplace. Blogs released on Thursdays at 10am.

December 31st

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