Virtual STEMLink – November


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Q&A Live Sessions

Q&A #1
November 11 @ 10am

Are all germs harmful? How many germs are in or on humans and animals? Do germ-free environments exist? Dr. Chris Reigstad, Biology professor at Normandale Community College, has always had a fascination with science and the natural world. Dr. Reigstad’s research focuses on the impact of microorganisms on health and disease. Get your questions ready and come prepared to learn more about why this matters.

Q&A #2
November 20 @ 1pm

What do we need to know about bridges in terms of bridge design, conditions, safety measures, and dangers? What does engineering have to do with this? What tricks do engineers put into play to handle too much water or ice on bridge decks?  Learn the answer to these questions and more by engaging with Cory Stuber, Senior Bridge Engineer, at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Cory looks at bridges for areas of damage and uses math to analyze these areas to see if bridges need to be stronger or repaired.

A Day in the Life Career Blog

This blog will feature STEM professionals sharing what they love about their work, demonstrating tools of their trade, and providing a glimpse of their workplace. Blogs released on Thursdays at 10am.

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