Future City Competition

The Future City Competition (FCC) is a project-based program where students in grades 6-8 imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Schools or recognized youth organizations can form teams. Participants complete five deliverables: a 1,500-word city essay; a scale model built from recycled materials; a project plan, a presentation video, and a Q&A session with judges. Learn More


Register for the Minnesota Future City Competition at www.register.futurecity.org.
The fee to participate is $25/school.

2021-2022 Theme: Designing a Waste-Free City

Imagine a city 100 years in the future that generates no waste and no pollution. Is this even possible? If we look to the natural world, the answer is yes! In nature, one organism’s waste is another organism’s food. Nutrients and energy flow in a cycle of growth, decay, and reuse. This is called a circular system. A circular economy is a way to design, make, and use things. It requires shifting our systems and will involve everyone and everything: businesses, governments, and individuals; our cities, our products, and our jobs.

At the Future City Competition, students…

How to use engineering to solve real-world problems.

The skills needed for effective teamwork.

The importance of strong writing, public speaking, and creativity.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Minnesota Virtual Future City Competition!

1st Place: Roseville Area Middle School – Skyward City

2nd Place: Justice Page Middle School – Sol Latet

3rd Place: Mounds Park Academy – Little Prince Crater

Honorable Mention: Scott Highlands Middle School – Nektia

Honorable Mention: Scott Highlands Middle School – Spirit


Want to learn more about the Future City Competition and how your students can participate? Visit the Minnesota Regional page or contact Colleen Feller at 612-638-1511.

Don’t forget to follow the Minnesota Regional Future City Competition on twitter: @FCCMN

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