MN Future City Competition Impact Report

On January 18, 2020 46 teams of 6th-8th graders competed at the regional Minnesota Future City Competition at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, MN. Here are the results of their surveys.

2020 FCC Survey Data Results

Future City helped students see that engineers can be helpful to society.

Students can picture themselves working as an engineer.

Students see the value in working with a team to solve problems.

Students felt a sense of accomplishment about being part of Future City.

We asked teachers about the exciting learning moments they saw.

“It is awesome. I love watching the students learn about cities. I can’t believe how smart they are.”

“I brag about the benefits of getting involved in Future City to parents and kids, and my parents are always so amazed at the work middle schoolers have done when they attend the competition finals. You all are amazing for ensuring this continues!”

We asked our volunteers (professionals in the engineering fields), how students demonstrated a knowledge of the engineering design process and project management.

“Students had innovative solutions to real problems such as water quality, waster management, and transportation.”

“Impressive understanding of engineering and technology. I’m always impressed by these kids and their ideas.”

“The students learned how critical project management is and maintaining feasibility of design given time constraint.”

We asked students what they learned about engineering and how cities run while participating in the Future City Competition.

“A successful city needs multiple parts to fit. It’s like a giant puzzle. Every component matters.”

“There are so many different engineers involved in the process of creating a city.”

“Your first “outcome” or “product” will not be your best one.”

“Always express your concerns, listen to other people’s ideas, and work together.”

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