Program Registration – Creativity Festival, CreativeCon, & Young Authors Conference

SBC will follow MDH and CDC recommendations for providing in-person events that promote health and safety while mitigating the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The following protocols will be in place for our March programming. COVID-19 protocols for May will be decided closer to the events.

  1. Masks are required for students and adults.
  2. Students will travel to sessions in designated cohorts to reduce risk of additional exposures and to facilitate contact tracing if needed.
  3. Ventilation systems at the venues will be running at full capacity.
  4. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in each classroom. Students will be encourage to wash/sanitize hands frequently.
  5. Tables will be sanitized in between sessions.
  6. Student groups will be distanced at least 6 feet apart in Ted Mann Concert Hall (CCon) and Bethel’s Great Hall (YAC) during the opening performance/keynote.
  7. Student groups will be assigned a lunch area that is at least 6 feet apart from other schools groups.
  8. Students who feel ill during the event will isolate in a designated classroom and will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian as soon as possible.

There are limited spots available for CreativeCon and March YAC. Please contact Madi Grove about CreativeCon availability and Katie Wenzel about March YAC availability.

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