Creativity Festival Impact Report

Each year, we survey students and teachers after they attend the Creativity Festival. These are the combined results that we produced from the 2020 event (our most recent in-person Creativity Festival).

From the 2020 festival:

CF - Mike Wouhnetka

On a scale of 1-5, 90% of students rated Creativity Festival as 4 or 5.

77% of students had never attended the Creativity Festival and 93% of students that attended want to come back next year.

93% of students thought the Creativity Festival presenters provided real-world examples of how to use creativity and problem-solving.

92% learned that creativity is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened.

95% learned that creativity and problem-solving are important skills for any career.

Students said…

CF - Drums

“It was so cool to learn about Native American Hoop Dancing!”

“I loved the creative freedom we had in the sessions.”

“We got to show our creativity in a whole other level.”

“I loved the creativity and problem solving to make the Ozobots move around.”

Teachers said…

CF - Solar Cars

“It is so nice to come to a program like this where everything is so organized and well thought out with so many smiling people to help our kids.”

“A great opportunity for students to gain confidence, independence, and apply creative skills.”

“These are opportunities the kids would never otherwise have. I am so grateful we are continuously participating in the program each year.”

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