STEMLink Impact Report

Each year, we survey students and teachers after they attend STEMLink. These are the results from Dunwoody College of Technology in March 2020 (our most recent in-person STEMLink):

From Dunwoody STEMLink 2020

STEMLink Surveying

90% of students describe the sessions they attended as interesting, hands-on, or challenging.

STEMLink inspired 88% of students to be more excited about STEM.

89% of students are more excited about STEM because of STEMLink.

95% said they were provided with real-world examples of STEM work and workers.

89% now understand how studying science and math can lead to exciting STEM careers.

76% were inspired to learn more about one or more careers in STEM.

Students said…

STEMLink Century
STEMLink Volunteer

“Every session was my favorite because they all had different types of activities that were equally fun and challenging!”

“I learned that everything involves STEM.”

“I learned that I, myself, could be an engineer!”

“I learned new ways to stop global warming.”

“I learned there are so many more jobs than what I knew before.”

After today, students want to explore careers in: crime investigation, math, engineering, computer design, cardiology, astrophysics, biology, architecture, chemistry, first response, dietetics, animal science…

Teachers said…

STEMlink Legos

“I can’t thank your team enough for this; this is really going to change things for some kids.”

“What a great opportunity to be able to offer our students–things they would not normally have the chance to witness. The students could not stop talking about all the various learning they received in the sessions! The collaboration and connections made kept them engaged and enthused about what they were observing.”

“The hands-on projects were amazing. This was so much more than what I can do in my classroom.”

“Authentic real-world connections, diverse leaders, shows students diverse STEM professionals to our diverse students!”

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