Young Authors Conference Impact Report

Each year, we survey students and teachers after they attend the Young Authors Conference. These are the combined results that we produced from the 2019 conferences.

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From the 2019
March/May Conferences

94% of students gave the Young Authors Conference a 4 or 5, out of 5.

72% of students had never attended the Young Authors Conference and 95% of students that attended want to come back next year.

96% of students said the Young Authors Conference encouraged and challenged them to be better writers.

98% of students said the Young Authors Conference gave them new strategies, ideas, and skills to become a better writer.

95% of students left the Young Authors Conference understanding that strong writing skills are important in life.

Students said…

  • “One of the best experiences ever!”
  • “The presenters encouraged us and taught us great new strategies for our stories.”
  • “They really connected to all of the students in the class. They inspired me to write from different perspectives and to keep on writing about different things.”
  • “Young Authors Conference sparked my love for writing. I love it.”
  • “I was so glad I got to do this.”
  • “They all taught me a variety of things and encouraged me to pursue my writing dreams.”

Teachers said…

  • “It is my favorite field trip every year!”
  • “Made students think creatively and use their imagination.”
  • “Great workshops which excite young authors.”
  • “Great exposure to a wide variety of creative thought… No ‘one way’ no ‘wrong answer’.”
  • “Each session is unique and tailored for a variety of students.”
  • “Great hands-on exercises, gets kids to participate in things they never otherwise would.”

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